Blood Testing

You're putting long hours in the gym, on your bike, or on the trails. But feeling like you are struggling to recover. You might feel fatigued all the time. Or perhaps you are at the top of your game, and you want to continue to optimize your training, nutrition, and recovery. Or maybe you're a CEO, entrepreneur, or hard working individual and you want to find ways to maximize your performance and your productivity.


Blood Testing can help!

Unlike the panel typically ordered annually by your physician or insurance, we include 45+ Markers to help guide you to feel your best. Whether your goal is to feel better or you're an athlete looking to optimize performance, keeping tabs on these specialty biomarkers will give you the best chance to stay on top of your health. 


Baseline Panel Includes





Total Testosterone


Lipid Panel

Vitamin D


Location: Online nutrition coaching available at this time. Please inquire about meeting in person. 

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