LifeSparq Performance- Performance Innovation Consultants

At Lifesparq, our mission is to create personalized, pro-active programs designed to help sports teams, athletes, performers and executives innovate their daily process to produce exponentially better results.

Our Eight Pillar system incorporates the latest innovations in human high performance to enhance you mentally, nutritionally and physically.  We lay the groundwork with awareness and education, followed by the use of interactive technology to gather performance metrics and then we set you in motion with a higher quality plan of action.

Everything we do is personalized to you or your team, helping you not only achieve your goals, but more often than not, surpass them!

Persistent Hunters - A Goal-Driven Gym

Persistent Hunters’ fitness program is structured around group classes, complemented by a personalized plan tailored to the unique goals and fitness level of each athlete. In the first week, you will work with Coach Matt to define your goals and outline a plan to achieve them.

Workouts at Persistent Hunters are offered through group classes. The typical group class is 75 minutes and includes a thorough warm-up, strength and conditioning workout, and a cool-down and reflection period.

Every class will be different, but you can expect to regularly use barbells, rowing machines, running, resistance bands, pull-up bars, rings, and body weight movements.  The strength and conditioning workout consists of three parts:

  • A focused strength move or conditioning exercise

  • Lifting to develop strength

  • A short metabolic conditioning session and/or high intensity interval training

Each movement can be modified and adjusted to meet the athlete at their level.

Colorado State University Human Performance Lab

Advanced Testing For Assessment of Performance Health.  Understanding Recovery, Nutritional, Well-being, & Training Status to keep athletes healthy to perform peak potential now and in the future.

The Performance Analysis program is designed to optimize the Performance Health of endurance, community, and emerging athletes.  We offer such services and testing to measure individualized: endurance potential, training and recovery status, body composition, caloric requirements, and gait analysis.

Supernatural Eats

Meal prep made easy. All their meals are highly nutritional, portion controlled,  and under 500 calories. 
In order to make your life as easy as possible Super Natural Eats pre-selects the meals for you, so you don’t spend extra time selecting all of your prepared food each week.

Location: Online nutrition coaching available at this time. Please inquire about meeting in person. 

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